Post-conference Masterclasses: Thursday, 5 September

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Registration and morning coffee is at 08:30 and sessions will conclude at 17:00. Lunch, morning and afternoon tea are provided. Choose from:

Masterclass A: Building a coherent and workable business plan for net zero

This masterclass is about developing a rational, stepped plan to reduce emissions in industry, mining and manufacturing. Participants will learn how to analyse emissions and find the most appropriate options to create an effective net zero strategy.

Aimed at senior management who are charged with setting and reporting on business plans for emissions.

08:30     Registration and coffee
09:00     Elements of a credible net zero strategy

  • Understanding emission hotspots along the value chain, including Scope 3

10:30     Morning tea
11:00     Decarbonisation Projects – what will they look like across your organisation?

  • Feasibility – next steps after options assessments
  • Example Projects / Alternative Fuels

12:30     Lunch
13:30     Transport and Circular Economy
15:00     Afternoon tea
15:30     Building net zero into organisational DNA – ensuring carbon literacy across an organisation
17:00     Concludes


Glenn Schultz
Head of Business Development
DETA Consulting

Jonathan Pooch
Managing Director
DETA Consulting

Masterclass B: Using carbon credits as part of a net zero strategy

This masterclass explores how carbon credits should be approached, chosen and used as part of a wider net zero plan for organisations in the hard-to-abate sector. At the conclusion, participants will be able to navigate carbon credit markets confidently and identify the most appropriate units for their organisation.

Designed for sustainability and corporate responsibility managers/director who are examining options or planning decarbonisation strategies.

08:30 Registration and coffee
09:00 Explanation of the dark arts of carbon credits and how they work

  • Overview of net zero strategies and the role of carbon credits in achieving them

10:30 Morning tea
11:00 Types of carbon credits (eg ACCU’s versus other formats)

  • Carbon credit standards and certification bodies and how they may change in response to government agenda
  • How carbon credits are traded on carbon markets

12:30 Lunch
13:30 Benefits and risks of using carbon credits as part of a net zero strategy

  • Best practices for integrating carbon credits into a net zero strategy
  • Case studies of successful net zero strategies that have incorporated carbon credits

15:00 Afternoon tea
15:30 Identifying carbon credit projects that align with your organisation’s goals

  • Evaluating the quality and credibility of carbon credits
  • Purchasing carbon credits and offsetting emissions

17:00 Concludes

Craig Morgan
Group Sales Director
Northmore Gordon

Alan Wang
Principal Consultant
Northmore Gordon