Pre-conference Masterclasses: 30 August

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You can attend masterclasses in-person only.

Registration and morning coffee is at 08:30 and sessions will conclude at 17:00. Lunch, morning and afternoon tea are provided. Choose from:

Masterclass A: Introduction to carbon for industry

This one-day introduction to carbon will give you the tools to take advantage of the growth opportunities of a net zero carbon future and critically examine proposals to reduce emissions. Both consultants to industry and internal champions of emission reduction will benefit from this comprehensive overview of carbon for heavy energy users.

08:30 | Registration and coffee

09:00 | Defining greenhouse gases and their relationship to weather and climate

  • Where we started - earth's natural systems and the climate 
  • Where we are now - how anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions have led to a changing climate
  • Carbon 101 - the basics on carbon emissions and carbon accounting
  • Sources and sinks of carbon

10:30 | Morning tea

11:00 | Examining the multiple options for organisations that want to decarbonise

  • Understanding the climate journey
  • Carbon terminology - the difference between 100% renewables, carbon neutral, and net zero
  • Understanding your organisation’s emissions
  • What does the Climate Journey mean for your organisation

12:30 | Lunch

13:30 | Navigating the technical challenges for industrial decarbonisation

  • Targeting Scope 1 and 2 direct emissions
  • Energy efficiency upgrades and internal emission reductions
  • Scope 3 emissions and your value chain
  • Understanding carbon offsets
  • Steps to creating a decarbonisation strategy

15:00 | Afternoon tea

15:30 | Understanding the policies and pressures that impact emissions and how these are likely to change

  • Comparing Australian policy with international trends in incentivising net zero
  • Understanding renewable energy in Australia and around the world

17:00 | Concludes


Aleena Dewji
Net Zero Strategy Lead


Masterclass B: Building a coherent and workable business plan for net zero

This masterclass is about developing a rational, stepped plan to reduce emissions in industry, mining and manufacture. Participants will learn how to analyse emissions and find the most appropriate options to create an effective net zero strategy.

08:30 | Registration and coffee

09:00 | Elements of a credible net zero strategy

10:30 | Morning tea

11:00 | Understanding emission hotspots along the value chain

12:30 | Lunch

13:30 | Interventions and opportunities to unlock commercial benefits and resilience

15:00 | Afternoon tea

15:30 | Building net zero into organisational DNA

17:00 | Concludes


Georgia Holt
Senior Business Development Associate
South Pole

Sonya Samson
Senior Managing Consultant, Climate Strategies
South Pole