• Queensland Decarbonisation Hub
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    Queensland Decarbonisation Hub

    The Queensland Decarbonisation Hub provides a central forum that brings together Queensland’s industrial, research and policy strengths into a coordinated network to tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities of decarbonisation, while supporting the Queensland Government to lead a state-wide transition.

    The Hub’s vision is for Queensland to become a leading decarbonised economy in which communities, industry and the environment thrive. Its purpose is to provide a two-way flow of knowledge exchange and translation to build capability and capacity.

    The Hub ensures that independent and timely research and evidence from Queensland’s universities is being used to help industries decarbonise, work with communities to identify acceptable transition pathways, and to inform social and public policy and programs and technology solutions aimed at decarbonising the Queensland economy. Likewise, it informs Queensland’s research agenda to focus on the challenges of today.

  • Energy Insights
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    Energy Insights

    As the energy market transitions, Energy Insights is here to guide you through. 

    Written for energy industry professionals, Energy Insights looks beyond the hype and provides you with the content you need to understand the market dynamics and technological changes that are shaping the energy sector.

    Visit the blog here to view content and sign up for our monthly newsletter.

  • Bioenergy Australia
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    Bioenergy Australia
  • Beyond Zero Emissions
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    Beyond Zero Emissions
  • Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP)
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    Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP)
  • Business Renewables Centre Australia (BRC-A)
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    Business Renewables Centre Australia (BRC-A)
  • Australian Aluminium Council
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    Australian Aluminium Council